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Ginger beauty from the Netherlands

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Ginger beauty from the Netherlands

 Myrna Moonstruck is a Dutch alternative model living in Eindhoven. Besides being very beautiful and creative (she also takes some very inspirational self-portraits), she proved to be very talkative as well. 


Although being very young, you have a beautiful portfolio.  How came the idea for being a model?

In the Netherlands we have quite a lot of Fantasy Fairs. Those are festivals where people can dress up, listen to live music, and buy fantasy-themed items at stalls. I really love making my own outfits and wear them to those fairs. Of course all those people in pretty costumes attract a lot of photographers too. At Castlefest, my favorite festival in The Netherlands, I met a photographer named Maarten (https://www.facebook.com/mdbphotography). He took a picture of me in my costume, and afterwards we chatted a lot on Facebook. We decided to do a shoot together. I enjoyed it so much, that I wanted to become a model.


Photographer: Irene Wijnmaalen - fb.com/irene.wijnmaalen
Hair/Makeup: Marjan Boukes
Model: Myrna Moonstruck

Your amazing hair gives you a very characteristic and defining look. What do you think: being a model, is this an advantage or a disadvantage?

I think it’s definitely an advantage! My hair is probably the first thing that people notice, when they first see me. Most models have something unusual. In the alternative scene, it’s mostly weird haircolours, tattoos or piercings. I don’t really like that on me (although I do like it on others), so my hair is my way to stand out.
I can imagine that people get bored of seeing it though. Because of my curls, there are not many hairstyles I can choose of. In most of my portfolio photos I’ve simply got my hair down.. But most people seem to like it!

A girlie question: how do you care your hair? Have you got any secret practice? Have you ever think of having it cut?

Haha, this is a hard question. I haven’t found the perfect way to treat my hair yet. I always try new products like oils and creams to avoid frizz, but so far I haven’t found something that’s both efficient and affordable. At the moment I use Moroccan argan oil after I showered, which seems to work pretty well.
I really don’t want to cut my hair. I really love long hair, and I hope I can let my hair grow till it reaches my tailbone.

I guess you are a student yet. What do you study?

I study media- and gamedesign. The media part is making websites, photos, films, and media campaigns. The game part is more obvious:  we learn everything you need to make a game, from 3D modeling to programming.

How do you relax in your freetime? In your introducing at Dark Beauty Magazine you wrote you take photos as well. How do you compose a picture when you are a photographer (can you please send me a view pics made by you?)

As I stated before, I really love making costumes. My grandmother taught me to sew, and now I create lots of fantasy outfits. Besides crafting, I also love reading books and playing games.
Photography is indeed also something I like doing. I don’t have much experience yet, but it’s really cool to see something you created in your head turn real.
I mostly practice on making self-portraits, so I won’t disappoint anyone except for myself, if the results turn out ugly. I get inspiration from books, movies, and photos of others. I give those ideas my own twist, and hope it will turn out nice.  The thing like most about photography is creating the concept. Concepts are very important to me, because it’s a way to express yourself and tell your story. The photo I made for Dark Beauty Magazine is my favorite photo so far, because it tells my story, in a not obvious way.


Self-portrait by Myrna

How do you imagine yourself in 5 years: as a modell or as a professional photographer?

I don’t think I’ll ever become a professional photographer. I like doing it, but there are just so many people way better than I am, and practicing my photoskills is not top priority in my life.
I hope I’ll still be modeling in 5 years. It’s one of the most rewarding hobbies I’ve ever had. I don’t think I’ll become famous enough to make a living out of it, but as long as I enjoy myself, I’ll continue doing what I love.
And professionally.. Hmm.. My big dream is to start my own little costume business. It’s will be hard to actually make that work, but it would be amazing.

Who inspires you; can you name anyone you would like to work (as a modell) in the future?

There are so many people I want to work with! Both photographers and models! My favorite photographers I haven’t worked with are: Katerina Plotnikova, Kirsty Mitchell, A.M.Lorek, Elmar Dam, and Renee Robyn. I love them all for the same reason: they create amazing fantasy worlds.
Of course I would  also love to co-model with my idols: La Esmeralda, Madmoiselle Méli, Angélica Elfic, and Threnody in Velvet.


Photo by Sheridan's Art
Make up by Kika Macabre
Headpiece by Hysteria Machine
Cloak by Fairytas
Model: Myrna Moonstruck

You won Miss Alternative Noord-Brabant 2013. What made you to apply, and what do we have to know about this contest (please note we in Hungary and Poland do not know anything at all… J)?

Miss Alternative is a competition hosted by the webshop Attitude Holland. I applied to the first edition of the competition mainly for the experience. I didn’t have any stage experience yet, and for this competition we had to walk on the catwalk and tell something about yourself to the audience. I wanted to use this competition to learn new things and fight my fears (talking in front of many people is terrifying). I never expected that they would actually like me! I won the miss title for my region (Noord-Brabant), and became second place nationally.  It was one of the biggest boosts for my self-esteem ever.

After this competition, I gained enough confidence to enter more competitions. This made me also win the sponsored model competition by Madmoiselle Méli!



Photo by Sheridan's Art
Make up by Kika Macabre
Mask by Hysteria Machine
Model: Myrna Moonstruck



The interview WITH MORE PICTURE can be also read (amongst other interesting topics) in the latest issue of Mega*zine Lost&Found in English and Polish too.



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